Robbie Williams to play himself in biopic

Robbie Williams to play himself in biopic

Robbie Williams will play himself in his biopic.

The 'Let Me Entertain You' hitmaker has been working with director Michael Gracey on upcoming film 'Better Man' and though he admitted he still doesn't know who will portray his younger self in the movie, he confirmed they won't need to find an actor to portray him in the present day.

Speaking to fans at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena, he said: “The thing is about films is that it is a wonder anything gets made.

“Everything gets held up in a bottleneck. It is always, ‘This person says no and this person says yes and this person is offended and this person is not offended enough’. It is agents and lawyers.

“I am 97 per cent sure it will happen. I don’t know who will play me when I am younger but I know who will play me when I am older.

“You are looking at him.”

The 48-year-old star has an idea of who he'd like to portray him in his younger years, but refused to say who.

The former Take That singer added: “If I had my way, who would play me in the Nineties?

“I daren’t say, just in case the person I say is not the person (who gets the part).”

It was previously claimed Robbie and Michael hadn't been able to cast anyone when they held auditions for the role.

A source said: "Michael and Robbie held top-secret auditions to find a star to play the young Robbie recently.

“They didn’t meet anyone they were confident could pull it off.

“Robbie is stunned at how difficult the project has been to get made. And now he’s starting to worry it’s never going to make it to the big screen and he’ll look foolish for hyping it up.

“The London-based studio, Rocket Science, is handling international sales on the project and is hoping for a big hit.

“Robbie has fans all over the world and his story is not short of drama. But if they can’t find a star charismatic enough to play him, the whole house of cards is going to come falling down and it’ll end up in development hell.”