Melissa Barrera satisfied with how Scream arc ended

Melissa Barrera satisfied with how Scream arc ended

Melissa Barrera feels like her 'Scream' character arc gave her "closure".

The 33-year-old actress played Sam Carpenter - the daughter of 1996 'Scream' movie killer Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) - in 2022's 'Scream' and its sequel 'Scream VI, but she was fired from upcoming flick 'Scream 7' due to her publicly pro-Palestinian stance.

Her character's story dealt with the idea of whether the connection to her father meant Sam was always meant to be a murderer, but she was seen throwing her father's mask onto the concrete below.

Speaking to Collider's Perri Nemiroff for 'Ladies Night', she said: "I feel like I've gotten closure. My head is clear."

She added: “I feel like the ending of [Scream VI ] was a very good ending, and so I don’t feel like 'Ugh, I got left in the middle.'

"No, I think people, the fans, were wanting a third movie to continue that arc, and apparently, the plan was a trilogy, even though I was only contracted for two movies.

"So, I did my two movies, and I’m fine. I’m good with that. I got two - that’s more than most people get."

She noted that in the world of television, actors have to "move on" when shows get cancelled, and insisted it's the same for Hollywood.

She explained: "When you’re on a TV show, and it gets canceled, you can’t harp on things, you gotta move on.

"That’s the nature of this industry too, I get excited for the next job, I get excited for the next skin I get to put on. It’s exciting to create a different character.

"So yeah, I feel good. I did what I set out to do. It was always meant to be two movies for me, 'cause that was my contract, and so everything is perfect.”

Barrera will next be seen in Universal movie 'Abigail', which sees her reunite with 'Scream' directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli.

'Scream 7' won't feature her or Jenna Ortega, who played her on-screen sister Tara Carpenter and has left the franchise due to scheduling conflicts with 'Wednesday' filming.

However, 'Scream' legend Neve Campbell will be back as Sidney Prescott despite previously quitting the film series in a row over her pay.