Matthew McConaughey's un-branding phase

Matthew McConaughey's un-branding phase

Matthew McConaughey had an "un-branding phase" after starring in a number of romantic comedy movies.

The 50-year-old actor has revealed his whole career changed after he decided to move away from his acting roles after the birth of his son Levi eight years ago and "dramatic roles" started coming his way.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: "I took off, and had an un-branding phase. Not a re-branding phrase, an un-branding phase. I said, 'I'm out.' That anonymity, that being away, that not being the shirtless guy on the beach in a rom-com, by un-branding, then all of a sudden things came to me that I had been wanting to do. Dramatic roles that I had been pursuing were coming my way."

Meanwhile, Matthew previously admitted he doesn't think he's making "great movies" yet as he still has major ambitions in his career.

Asked if he has any new goals since turning 50 in November, he said: "Yes but they mostly concern my life as a father and husband, my spiritual well-being and friendships, and seeing my children evolving and learning more about the world.

"I still want to make great movies. I feel I haven't reached that point yet and so I'm not complacent when it comes to my career."

The 'Lincoln Lawyer' star finds it "essential" to set goals for himself in order to keep moving forward.

He said: "I find it essential to have something to dream about, to set goals for myself that I have to work hard to achieve. My deepest need is to find something that I desperately want to accomplish, something that pushes me to work hard to realise that dream. I believe that it's the journey we take in life which is the common denominator in all of us."