Matthew McConaughey isn't 'complacent' with his career

Matthew McConaughey isn't 'complacent' with his career

Matthew McConaughey doesn't think he's making "great movies" yet as he still has major ambitions in his career.

The 'Gentleman' actor - who won an Oscar for his role in 'Dallas Buyers Club' - doesn't feel "complacent" in his career, so is pushing himself to do better, as well as wanting to improve as a husband to wife Camila Alves and father to their kids, Levi, 11, Vida, nine, and Livingston, seven.

Asked if he has any new goals since turning 50 in November, he said: "Yes but they mostly concern my life as a father and husband, my spiritual well-being and friendships, and seeing my children evolving and learning more about the world.

"I still want to make great movies. I feel I haven't reached that point yet and so I'm not complacent when it comes to my career."

And Matthew is also keen to improve his musical skills as his son is a more talented pianist.

He told OK! Magazine: "I also want to play the piano as well as my 11-year-old son can.

"He has real talent. He's been playing the piano better than me since he was four. I really admire him."

The 'Lincoln Lawyer' star finds it "essential" to set goals for himself in order to keep moving forward.

He said: "I find it essential to have something to dream about, to set goals for myself that I have to work hard to achieve.

"My deepest need is to find something that I desperately want to accomplish, something that pushes me to work hard to realize that dream.

"I believe that it's the journey we take in life which is the common denominator in all of us."