Martin Lawrence blames Will Smith for Bad Boys delay

Martin Lawrence blames Will Smith for Bad Boys delay

Martin Lawrence says Will Smith is to blame for the delay in making 'Bad Boys For Life'.

Will and Martin have joined forces for the third installment in the 'Bad Boys' franchise but Martin, 54, revealed Will, 51, was adamant that the script for the follow up to 1995's 'Bad Boys' and 2003's 'Bad Boys 2', had to be perfect.

He told 'Good Morning America': "It took so long because of [Will. He wouldn't do the script unless it was right."

And Will admitted that he was initially worried about his and Martin's chemistry.

He explained: "We haven't seen each other in a while. The concern was always chemistry because the first two movies we were making stuff up in all of the scenes. Everything we were making up in the scenes was a result of the chemistry. The first time we walked into a room together ... it was so perfect."

And Will recently promised fans that they won't be disappointed with the new movie.

He said: "This movie is out of here. It is so good. If you liked the first two at all, there are scenes in this movie. Because it's really about friendship, and about the reality of what it's like when somebody's life takes a different turn. You're ready to go one way and your partner's ready to go in another direction. There are some really powerful scenes about friendship and some of the funniest stuff you are ever going to see."