Joshua Jackson  to make movie return in Karate Kid

Joshua Jackson to make movie return in Karate Kid

Joshua Jackson is set to make a return to movies after an almost 10 year absence.

The 45-year-old actor - who last appeared on the big screen in 2015's 'Sky' - is set to star in the new 'Karate Kid' movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Joshua will join Ralph Macchio, Jackie Chan, and new lead Ben Wang in the latest installment of the 'Karate Kid' franchise, which will be released on December 13.

Joshua's role in the movie has not yet been revealed but he has been described as one of the main characters.

Plot details are also being kept under wraps but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie: "will bring the story to the East Coast and focus on a teen from China (Wang) who finds strength and direction via martial arts and a tough but wise mentor (or two)".

Meanwhile, 'American Born Chinese' star Ben Wang landed the leading role after Sony launched a global search for the new Karate Kid.

The studio received thousands of submissions, with 10,000 entries in the first 24 hours alone.

However, Ben - who is fluent in Mandarin and highly skilled in martial arts, including karate, wing chun/kung fu, gumdo, kempo and taekwondo - "delivered a standout audition".

Jonathan Entwistle is directing the movie from a script by Rob Lieber.

Karen Rosenfelt is producing.