Josh Gad is emotional about Frozen goodbye

Josh Gad is emotional about Frozen goodbye

Josh Gad is emotional about the possibility of saying goodbye to his 'Frozen' character Olaf.

The 'Beauty and the Beast' star has voiced the magical snowman in both 'Frozen' films but it is unclear whether the franchise will return for a third film.

Josh, 38, took to social media to share his feelings about potentially playing the character for the last time.

In a Twitter post, he wrote: "Woke up this morning & had a realisation: I may have played Olaf 4 the last time. Who knows what the future holds, but should that be the case, thank u all 4 embracing this little bundle of optimism, naivete & now existentialism. I hope he bought u as much joy as he has me."

Other members of the 'Frozen' cast and crew have hinted that the sequel could mark the end of the franchise, including Alfred Molina, who voices King Agnarr in 'Frozen 2'.

Alfred, 66, claims to have "heard" that there are no plans for a third film, but admits things can change.

He said: "I don't think they'll be a three, that's what I heard. But who knows? Those decisions are way above my pay grade."

Co-director Jennifer Lee also believes that third film in the Disney franchise is unlikely as the second movie felt "final".

The 48-year-old filmmaker - who made the sequel with Chris Buck - said: "For me it felt final but we always say, never say never ... right now, we're just happy to be done."

However, Idina Menzel, who voices Queen Elsa, is keen to make another film and continue the series.

When asked at the 'Frozen 2' European premiere in London whether she would make a third film, Idina exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Of course."

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