Jennifer Aniston 'could not stop dancing' on the set of Murder Mystery 2

Jennifer Aniston 'could not stop dancing' on the set of Murder Mystery 2

Jennifer Aniston "could not stop dancing" on the set of 'Murder Mystery 2.'

The 54-year-old actress stars as private detective Audrey Spitz alongside Adam Sandler in the Netflix action comedy and whilst shooting a wedding scene that appears early on in the movie, decided to keep moving even after the cameras had stopped rolling, according to her co-star.

Adam told Collider: "Well, this was five days of shooting, we shot a five-day wedding. Had a good time. Jennifer could not stop dancing. We were screaming, “Cut, cut!” And she's like, “Watch this,” and just doing some cool stuff. It didn't matter, [she]had a good time doing it."

In the joint interview, Jennifer then revealed how she did not want to rehearse the dance sequence because she would rather not know how to do it.

She said: "Remember they wanted us to go and rehearse to not do it? And I said, “Why? I’d rather we really not know how to do it!"

Meanwhile, the former 'Friends' star - who, along with Adam, serves as a producer on the movie - was asked whether she and Adam stick to the script entirely or whether they ad-lib and admitted that it can be a mix of both depending on the take as the pair both noted how much they make each other laugh on set.

She said: "We do a little bit of everything. Yeah. Usually, there's always something a little different from take to take, wouldn’t you say?"

Adam replied: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. We like to make each other laugh."

Jennifer added: "Which is fun, and he does all the time. And it usually makes it in the movie, not the break, but the line."

'Murder Mystery 2' is streaming now on Netflix.