'It was everywhere': Alisha Weir shocked by the blood involved in Abigail

'It was everywhere': Alisha Weir shocked by the blood involved in Abigail

Alisha Weir was stunned by the amount of blood involved in 'Abigail'.

The 14-year-old star plays the titular role in the vampire movie and explained that she was taken aback by the deluge of claret that was spilled during the making of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett's film.

Speaking to Collider, Alisha said: "I think what surprised me most was, I mean, the obvious one was how much blood there was. Reading the script, you don't know how much blood there's going to be because it doesn't tell you on the script.

"So getting to be on the sets, I think the sets definitely surprised me, too. Everything, even in the big house that you see at the start, it was all set, like the decorations and everything, everything was so detailed, and it was amazing to see that.

"But I think the main one would be how much blood there was. It was just getting more and more and more, honestly, I was just so used to it at the end. It was everywhere, and I didn't even mind it at the end."

The picture marked Weir's first part in a horror film and she urged other performers to "have fun" if they are cast in a project with lots of blood and gore.

The 'Matilda the Musical' actress said: "I would say just have fun. The blood's gonna get everywhere, so you honestly just have to just let it be.

"It's going to get there anyway, so don't try to rub it off in between takes because it's just gonna get loaded back on you. Just embrace the blood, honestly, because it's gonna get everywhere anyways."