Harvey Guillen lauds Disney for inclusivity progress in animated films

Harvey Guillen lauds Disney for inclusivity progress in animated films

Harvey Guillen has hailed Disney for their efforts on inclusivity in animated movies.

The 33-year-old actor voices the character of Gabo in the animated feature 'Wish' and thinks the studio is "making strides in the right direction" in terms of representation.

Harvey – who identifies as queer – told ComicBook.com: "I think they're making strides in the right direction. I think it's hard to rebuild a wheel that's already been in motion for a while, and it's hard to think of a new direction, especially in where we're at with the world, but they're putting their best foot forward, I think. And sometimes those things take time, and I'm optimistic."

Harvey also thinks that the "fantastic" prospect of a queer princess in a Disney film is a distinct possibility in the near future.

The 'Blue Beetle' star said: "That'd be fantastic. And I think that we are in the lifespan of that potentially happening. And that could be a reality. It's just, like I said, it takes time with stuff like that.

"Representation has taken so long just in film in general with every studio and every company. And so it's taken us this far to come this far but look how far we've gotten."

'Wish' was released in honour of Disney's 100th anniversary last year and Guillen realised the historical significance of voicing a character in the film.

He told MovieWeb.com: "It was just like, 'Wow, like this is gonna be historic'. It's gonna be the film that, like, marks the 100th anniversary, and what a great project to be part of.

"The great message and great characters and it was fantastic. It was so great to walk down the animation studios and walk past all the features they've had, going back to the original and just being a part of that."