Florence Pugh was concerned about playing an addict in A Good Person

Florence Pugh was concerned about playing an addict in A Good Person

Florence Pugh was wary of playing an addict in 'A Good Person'.

The 27-year-old star features in the new drama film as Allison, a woman struggling to overcome an opiate addiction after being involved in a terrible accident, and knew that it was essential to portray the issue in the correct manner.

Asked if she was hesitant about playing the part, Florence told Collider: "If it doesn't work, it's offensive. It's disrespectful. It's embarrassing. It's all the awful things that an actor, performer, or director never wants to feel.

"I think that's why it is so crucial that we did deep, deep, deep diving, and deep background checks on what it is that these people are going through.

"You can't make a movie like this with this topic and this unbelievably sensitive and delicate storyline without doing our research, and without talking to the right people, and that's just something that, you know, it was obvious that you need to do."

The 'Don't Worry Darling' star revealed that she relished the short shoot on the film – which was directed by her ex-boyfriend Zach Braff.

Florence said: "I thrive under pressure, and I love being put to the test, and I completely come alive when we are telling a story in a short amount of time. I love a short shoot. I find it so exhilarating and thrilling, and everybody is so focused because we need to get it done.

"And you know, this is how I grew up in the industry, this is how I learned, was small indies with not a lot of time, tiny budget, an amazing cast, and a fantastic crew, and you've just got to make it work."

She added: "And I think for me, I love the aspect of filmmaking. There's nowhere to hide. There's no day that you can figure something out. If you don't get it, you lose it from the movie, and that's how I learn.

"I really like stepping up to the challenge with these kinds of movies."