Florence Pugh reveals Dune: Part Two filming location was 'haunting'

Florence Pugh reveals Dune: Part Two filming location was 'haunting'

Florence Pugh says the 'Dune: Part Two' memorial space felt "haunting".

One of the filming locations in Denis Villeneuve's second film in his big-screen adaptation of the 1965 novels by Frank Herbert was the Brion Tomb in San Vito d'Altivole near Treviso, Italy, which is the burial ground of the Brion family, and Florence said there was an eerie atmosphere there.

Asked about it being the first time a movie has been allowed to film there, she told SFX magazine: "I didn't break anything, thank god! It's a huge privilege to work with crew members that are unbelievably dedicated to their craft, and I think especially on Dune, the attention to detail with locations and sets, it's just mind-blowing - it really transports you every time you come to set. And that was my first day of shooting!

"We shot in that memorial space. It really is a very haunting space. There's so many different pockets of the building, and pockets of the area, that completely transports you."

The 28-year-old star - who plays Princess Irulan - admits it was a "pinch-me" moment working on the film, which has a star-studded ensemble cast, particularly the acting legend Charlotte Rampling, 78, who portrays Reverend Mother Mohiam.

She added: "Obviously it is exactly like the world of Dune. That was our first two days there and I was already kind of amazed that I was filming Dune, but I was also there with Charlotte Rampling...

"It's one of those incredible "pinch me" moments when you walk onto a movie as large and as epic as this, and you're in a space that has huge respect and huge power. It only kind of gets you into the gear that you need to be put in for a movie like this."

The 'Oppenheimer' actress says the only "minuscule" complaint they had was how hot the weather was with their costumes, but it was all worth it.

Asked if there were any challenges filming, she said: "When you're on a movie that matters so much to so many people, there really aren't that many challenges. I'd say for everyone across the board, one of the biggest challenges when you're doing something that you care so much about, and you're wearing the clothes that we're wearing, is always weather conditions. When you're making something this epic, your complaint of being hot is so minuscule! Those are the little things but other than that, it's a dream being on a job like this."