Dermot Mulroney to star in The Inhabitant

Dermot Mulroney to star in The Inhabitant

Dermot Mulroney and Leslie Bibb are to star in 'The Inhabitant'.

The 57-year-old actor and 46-year-old actress will lead the cast of the indie horror about how infamous axe murderer Lizzie Borden's bloodline runs through the heart of suburban America where a series of supernatural events reveal a dark truth behind a tormented teenager.

Dominic and Leslie will play parents challenged with the truth of their family history.

The movie is being directed by Jerren Lauder from a script penned by Kevin Bachar. Leone Marucci and Petr Jakl are producing the film for Steelyard Pictures with Martin J. Barab and Ara Keshishian serving as executive producers.

Dermot is also set to star in the movie 'The Blazing World' alongside Carlson Young and Udo Keir.

The film, which will mark Young's directorial debut, follows a self-destructive woman who returns to her family home years after her twin sister accidentally drowned. She finds herself drawn to a different dimension where her sibling is still alive.

Young has written the script for the flick with Pierce Brown. Brinton Bryan is producing the movie for Greenbelt Films.

The movie is being filmed in Austin, Texas with cast and crew quarantining together in a private resort to follow coronavirus regulations.

Bryan explained how the crew made the decision to adapt the movie to be a small-scale production.

He said: "The film was not initially developed to be a COVID-era project, but when the pandemic hit and like everyone we had to shut down pre-production, we went back and took a closer look at the script and realised with a few minor changes we could shoot this with a minimal crew, in one location, and with only a handful of actors without sacrificing the production value or integrity of the overall film."