Daniel Craig: Spectre wasn't the movie to end my Bond career on

Daniel Craig: Spectre wasn't the movie to end my Bond career on

Daniel Craig says 'Spectre' wasn't the right movie to end his Bond career on.

The 51-year-old actor is set to hang up his 007 badge after next year's 'No Time To Die' - his fifth and final outing as the suave spy, who he has portrayed since 2006's 'Casino Royale' - and he has suggested that he decided to take on the iconic role one last time because he has his own "secret idea" of how his journey should come to an end, and 2015's 'Spectre' "wasn't that".

He told Empire magazine: "If that had been it, the world would have carried on as normal, and I would have been absolutely fine.

"But somehow it felt like we needed to finish something off.

"If I'd left it at 'Spectre', something at the back of my head would have been going, 'I wish I'd done one more.'"

He added: "I always had a kind of secret idea about the whole lot in my head, and where I wanted to take it.

"And 'Spectre' wasn't that. But this feels like it is."

A recent trailer for the upcoming 25th Bond movie revealed the iconic villain Blofeld, who was played by Christoph Waltz in 'Spectre', has since been captured by MI6.

The inclusion of Blofeld suggests that the film is a continuation from the storyline that audiences saw in 'Spectre'.

Director Cary Joji Fukunaga also hinted at this, saying: "I like to think of this as picking from all the stories, from 'Casino (Royale)' all the way through.

"And those who are fans will appreciate the layers that exist there, but I also think for new audiences, people who have never seen any of the films before, younger audiences, it's strong enough that they can get involved."

Meanwhile, the trailer also gave viewers a taste of what to expect from Lashana Lynch's character, Nomi, who inherits Bond's 007 codename after he leaves MI6.

She is seen telling Bond to "stay in your lane" and threatens to put a bullet in his knee.

Although the 'Knives Out' star is exiting the role on April 8, 2020, it was recently reported that franchise producer Barbara Broccoli wants to keep Daniel involved in the film series and is keen for him to direct the next movie.

The actor has seen his creative influence increase as his time in the role has grown and he is believed to have been instrumental in getting 'Fleabag' creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge to co-write the script for the 25th movie.

A source said recently: "Daniel has been the driving force behind 'Bond 25'. He is determined to go out in style.

"He hired Phoebe and he's been closely involved in every aspect of this film, from the script and development of the characters.

"Barbara has been vocal in her support of him and would love him to return to direct the next one.

"Daniel is so in tune with the character and has been saying Bond has to grow and change to fit the times."