'Anything is possible!' Lisa Ann Walter muses on the idea of a Parent Trap remake

'Anything is possible!' Lisa Ann Walter muses on the idea of a Parent Trap remake

Lisa Ann Walter thinks a remake of 'The Parent Trap' would be "possible".

The 59-year-old actress played the role of housekeeper Chessy in the 1998 Disney comedy - which saw Lindsay Lohan make her motion picture debut as long-lost twins Hallie Parker and Annie James who switch places in order to reunite their parents - and she is convinced that any potential reboot would be "genius", as long as original screenwriter and director Nancy Meyers is on board.

Speaking to Extra TV, Lisa said: "Look, if Nancy Meyers writes it, it’s gonna be genius. I don’t know if that is something that could happen… With Lindsay doing work again, as beautiful and talented as she is, certainly, anything is possible."

'The Parent Trap' was itself a remake of the 1961 Disney film starring Hayley Mills, and was ultimately based on 1949 German novel 'Das doppelte Lottchen' by Erich Kästner.

The 'Abbott Elementary star was joined in the family movie by Elaine Hendrix as villainous stepmother-to-be Meredith Blake and joked that any reboot should feature her as the "good guy" this time round.

Lisa added: "I think in this version, we need to make Meredith a good guy!"

'Dynasty' actress Elaine, 52, previously insisted 'The Parent Trap' - which also starred Dennis Quaid and the late Natasha Richardson - should be "left alone" but admitted that she would be happy to be part of any reboot.

She said: "We were already a reboot and so I’m biased in that I think it should be left alone, but if it’s going to be rebooted, then yeah, I think we absolutely should be a part of it.