Alexander Skarsgard had difficulty casting for The Pack

Alexander Skarsgard had difficulty casting for The Pack

Alexander Skarsgard found the casting process difficult for his movie 'The Pack'.

The 46-year-old star is starring and directing in a film for the first time in his career and has been taken aback by the difficulties of filling out cast members for the thriller.

Alexander told Collider: "It's been interesting being on this side of the casting process. I've learned a lot.

"Sometimes it's quite disheartening in terms of people's value, and some of those conversations are a bit – with financiers and everything, it's like when you start to understand that model of foreign territories.

"So if someone's value and someone you think is amazing and you think would mean a lot for financing doesn't, and then someone, the opposite, means a lot and you don't get why.

"So it is that, like Brandon (Cronenberg) said, I think you're gonna have to make a lot of compromises, but you've got to choose your battles."

The 'True Blood' actor will be reunited with his 'The Little Drummer Girl' co-star Florence Pugh on the new survivalist flick and he sees the project as an opportunity to try something new.

Alexander said: "When it comes to casting, obviously, it's crucial for me to do it with the actors I want to work with and find that chemistry and that group, otherwise, it's not worth it for me.

"I'm pretty content being 'just an actor', so it's not that I feel like I have to segue into directing. I was high on painkillers and had hubris and thought I could direct this for a second, and maybe that was a mistake, but we'll see."