Adam Driver feared Star Wars axe on The Force Awakens

Adam Driver feared Star Wars axe on The Force Awakens

Adam Driver feared that he would be fired from 'Star Wars' after nearly injuring Max von Sydow on his first day.

The 'Marriage Story' star joined the franchise at the beginning of Disney's new trilogy in 2015's 'The Force Awakens' and his first job during filming was to attack Max, who played Lor San Tekka.

However, Adam - who plays First Order villain Kylo Ren - was worried about injuring Max, who was 85 at the time, as he struggled to see out of his character's black mask.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: "My first thing I had to do was kill Max von Sydow (onscreen). I have this long lightsaber, and I can't see where it's going. So I didn't want to, on my first day, just whack Max von Sydow. That would be the end of the movie, for me."

The 36-year-old revealed that Max emerged from the scene unscathed, but only through "total luck".

Adam recalled: "I missed him - but it was total luck, because I was kind of swinging blind."

Adam's alter ego Kylo - the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia - is a major character in the sequel trilogy and after reprising his role in 2017's 'The Last Jedi' he will make his final appearance as the Dark Side Force user in 'The Rise of Skywalker'.

But even after three outings as Kylo, Adam still feels as though he has not mastered his lightsaber technique.

He said: "The great thing about acting is you never figure anything out ... I'm 36, and I still don't know anything about anything."

Meanwhile, Adam recently hinted that Kylo Ren will "evolve into something" in 'Rise of Skywalker', which marks the final film in the Skywalker storyline.

He said: "He's almost like a spoiled rich kid who has to evolve into something. He's following his path of finding who he is. You might have had to metaphorically, or in this case literally, kill your father to find out who you are. To be your own person, at a certain point you have to claim it ... But then again, we never really figure out who we are."

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