Portraits From a Fire

Portraits From a Fire is a coming-of-age story that follows Tyler, an eccentric and lonely teenager who spends his days making films in his Indigenous community, and hanging out with his grandparents. His father, Gord, is physically present but remains emotionally absent from his life for reasons Tyler cannot understand. That is until he meets Aaron, a mysterious, charismatic, and influential figure who encourages Tyler to showcase his most personal film about his mother’s disappearance to the community, leading to a reckoning between past and future, life and death, and father and son.

Starring: Nathaniel Arcand, Asivak Koostachin, Isaiah Fogarty, Melanie Bobby, Pauline Bob-King, William Magnus Lalua
Directed by: Trevor Mack

In Theatres:Nov 01, 2021
Genre: Drama
Duration: 104 min

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