K.G.F. Chapter - 2 (Hindi W/E.S.T.) Trailer

In Theatres Apr 14 2022
Duration 168 mins

Anand Ingalgi, a renowned journalist of his times had drafted a book EL DORADO on the biggest kept secret in Indian history - KGF. Deepa Hegde accidentally gets her hands on a half-burnt book and listens half the story from Anand which is KGF Chapter 1. Before Anand could narrate the remaining, he suffers a stroke and is in hospital. Deepa finds Vijayendra Ingalgi, Anand’s Son at the hospital who then narrates the remaining story from the research library of Anand Ingalgi. Why did the government burn down the copies of Anand’s Book EL DORADO and not allow to be published? Does Rocky, who at the end of KGF Chapter 1, survive? Does Rocky give a fresh ray of life to the people of KGF? Why does KGF become one of the biggest issues to the government? KGF Chapter 2 narrates all this Drama, with state of art visuals and top-notch music with world class action.