Zack Snyder still has Planet of the Dead plans

Zack Snyder still has Planet of the Dead plans

Zack Snyder still intends to make 'Planet of the Dead'.

The 57-year-old director is set to helm the sequel to the 2021 Netflix zombie heist flick 'Army of the Dead' but confirmed that his current focus is on the upcoming sci-fi epic 'Rebel Moon'.

Speaking to The Nerd Queens, Zack said: "As far as the 'Army' universe goes, it's still alive and well in my mind. I know exactly what I would do.

"It really depends on how we try to figure out how we go forward with 'Rebel Moon' and the 'Rebel Moon' universe. It's not a small-time commitment, 'Rebel Moon' stuff. A sci-fi thing at this scale does require a lot of attention to make it all make sense."

Zack previously suggested that he was "ready" to make an 'Army of the Dead' sequel and had held discussions with co-writer Shay Hatten about where they could take the story next.

He told Entertainment Tonight: "Look, if there was ever a desire for more 'Army of the Dead', Shay and I know exactly where the story goes. So, yeah, we're ready."

Omari Hardwick – who plays the role of Vanderohe – also confirmed that he has held talks with Snyder about the possibility of bringing back his character for 'Planet of the Dead'.

The 49-year-old star said: "There is hope for all of you fans who don't mind looking at Omari's mug, or don't mind following my journey as an actor. There is some hope.

"There definitely have been some talks about the maybes, the maybes and the ifs."