Zack Snyder feared quitting Justice League would damage his career

Zack Snyder feared quitting Justice League would damage his career

Zack Snyder worried that walking away from 'Justice League' would do long-term damage to his career.

The 55-year-old filmmaker quit the superhero movie during post-production work on the project, after his daughter Autumn committed suicide, and although Zack knew the move could've damaged his career, he simply "didn't care" at the time.

He shared: "I was in such a place of desperation, I didn’t care.

"You know what? Good riddance to 'Justice League'. I was like, 'Guys, really? You’re going to give me a hard time? Let’s go. I’ll fight you right now'.

"I was not in the mood for that kind of thing. I felt like we had done a great job, and the movie was done, even the two-hour-and-20-minute version that the studio had knocked me down to."

Zack knows his family "needed" him at the time, and he insisted it was entirely his decision to walk away from the film.

Asked if he left 'Justice League' of his own volition, he told the New York Times newspaper: "Absolutely. The decision to leave was 100 percent mine.

"I knew the fight that I was in for with them. And my family needed me, and I needed them. I was in a struggle at home, and then to go to my place of work and be in a second struggle there seemed like an outrageous thing to do to myself and my loved ones."

Zack is set to release a director's cut of his 'Justice League' movie on HBO Max, and he explained how the idea came about.

He shared: "Almost every movie I’ve ever made has a director’s cut. When I said, OK, I’m done, I [told] one of the editors I worked with: put it together as best you can, and give it to me."