'That's my dream!'Fall Out Boy star Patrick Stump wants to write a Marvel score

'That's my dream!'Fall Out Boy star Patrick Stump wants to write a Marvel score

Patrick Stump wants to write the soundtrack for a Marvel movie.

The 38-year-old singer is best known as the lead vocalist of rock band Fall Out Boy but is so "obsessed" with the MCU that his "dream" is to write the score for a film from the comic book movie franchise and would even want to have a cameo.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "My dream is to score a Marvel movie. Whenever you haven’t seen me working with the band I have been doing movie scores. I am obsessed with Marvel. I would love to have a cameo too!"

The 'Love From the Other Side' hitmaker went on to add that he has even come up with a role for himself, noting that he would like to take on the part of Puck from 'Alpha Flight.'

He added: "There is an Alpha Flight character called Puck and I think I would be perfect for him. He is my guy. He is short, he has a ’tache. He could be my character."

Last month, it was announced that Patrick is to guest as new character The Announcer in an episode of Disney Junior Marvel series 'Spidey And His Amazing Friends' - for which he has also written the theme tune - and recently explained how he was able to juggle recording the show with being on tour.

He told Kerrang!: "You know, they’ve always co-existed really. I was doing the last season of the Spidey show when I was on the Hella Mega Tour, so it’s something I've figured out. It's like, what do you do on tour? Some people go out to dinner, some go and play other shows, some go sightseeing… I work on a TV show – that’s my thing! I play the show and then I go back and put my headphones on and get back to work."