Tessa Thompson has directing ambitions

Tessa Thompson has directing ambitions

Tessa Thompson has plans to move into directing.

The 39-year-old actress stars in 'Creed III' as Bianca Taylor and is hoping to follow in the footsteps of her co-star Michael B. Jordan by venturing behind the camera.

Quizzed if she has plans to direct, Tessa told IndieWire: "Yeah, absolutely. I have something in mind."

Tessa had high praise for Jordan's directorial efforts on 'Creed III' and was impressed how he balanced the challenge with starring as the titular boxer Adonis Creed.

The 'Thor: Love and Thunder' actress said: "Even though he was taxed and stressed, and I know it because I know him so well and I could tell the days where things were tough for him, never would he take it out on anybody around him.

"He would take a breath and figure it out and go back in there and treat everyone with respect and ask people how their weekend was and be just a lovely, lovely leader.

"That, to me, is the mark of someone that can really do this because should be, at its best, a team sport, and that person is just the captain, but everyone is important on the team."

Tessa has starred in both big blockbusters and smaller indie movies and was able to recognise that Michael had created a harmonious atmosphere on set.

She said: "He did it well!

"I know that this is a business where, of course people are overworked and sometimes it can be stressful and sometimes people can butt heads, but I don't have a huge tolerance for work environments that feel unhealthy or unkind. I just kind of think there's no excuse for it in a way."