Taron Egerton wants 'fitting' Kingsman conclusion

Taron Egerton wants 'fitting' Kingsman conclusion

Taron Egerton is hoping for a "fitting" conclusion to the 'Kingsman' franchise.

The 33-year-old will return as Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin for the last time in 'Kingsman: The Blue Blood' and is hoping that Colin Firth returns alongside him in the role of Harry Hart.

Taron told Collider: "(Matthew Vaughn) has every intention of making it, and I have every intention of playing Eggsy one more time. That was always what I thought I was committed to doing.

"It's the role that made my name, I suppose, in a way, I just want it to be absolutely right if we do it again, and I want the story to do justice to the part that really changed my life."

The 'Rocketman' actor continued: "I want it to be a fitting ending. And I would, obviously, really hope that Colin would come back for at least a part of it, and who knows? We'll have to see, but we are planning to talk about it, actually, the next time we see one another, so who knows? Watch this space."

Taron suggested that director Matthew Vaughn wants to put the relationship between his and Firth's alter egos to the test in the third movie.

He explained: "Eggsy and Harry (will be in it), obviously. But it's the gang coming back together, and it's one of those moments that... when we wrote the screenplay, it was very much about, okay, I saw how people loved the relationship of Eggsy and Harry.

"So we just came up with this thing, what could be the ultimate reason for them to either fall in love or to hate each other forever? So that's what this movie is all about is will they or won't they, let's just say."