Spiral director Darren Lynn Bousman forced to cut gruesome trap from Saw film

Spiral director Darren Lynn Bousman forced to cut gruesome trap from Saw film

Darren Lynn Bousman had to cut a gruesome death trap from 'Spiral: From the Book of Saw'.

The director has revealed while some traps were discussed and ditched from the movie early in production, one particularly nasty one was actually filmed and edited before being deleted from the finished product.

Appearing on Bloody Disgusting's 'Boo Crew Podcast', he said: "A guy’s face is completely… his entire face has come off. There was definitely some gore that was cut out.”

Bousman - who was also at the helm for 'Saw II', 'Saw III' and 'Saw IV' - argued the new film isn't particularly graphic compared to earlier enteries in the franchise.

However, he suggested having Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson in the cast meant the MPA might have been more demanding to make sure they stuck to an R rating.

He added: "We cut an entire scene out, an entire trap scene, which was a huge kind of bummer for me.

"We were having huge problems with the MPA this time. And I’m not even sure why, because I don’t think in any respect this is the most violent 'Saw' film.

"But I think it may be the most widely accessible Saw film in the way you have two huge superstars [ Rock and Jackson] plus Max Minghella bringing a whole different side of audiences. I think the MPA was really on the offensive when they heard we were coming in.”

The scrapped scene was set to be placed in the third act of the movie, and while Bousman wouldn't reveal too many details he did admit one character was meant to die in the death trap before it was removed.

He said: "[I'm] happy for that actor because he now survived. Now he can come back if there’s another one.”