Seth Rogen hired Stormy Daniels to be 'naked' in films

Seth Rogen hired Stormy Daniels to be 'naked' in films

Seth Rogen hired porn star Stormy Daniels to be "naked" in some of his films.

The 37-year-old actor revealed that the 39-year-old adult films actress has featured in both his 2005 comedy ' The 40-Year-Old Virgin' and 'Knocked Up' in 2007, because he knew she would have no qualms with taking her clothes off.

Speaking ' The Graham Norton Show' on he said: "If you want someone to be naked in a film hire a porn star - it will be the easiest thing they did that week!"

Seth claimed that during filming in 2006, Stormy had confessed to him about sleeping with businessman - and now US president - Donald Trump, and although he "wasn't shocked" at the time, Trump's new position as president has made him rethink the confession.

He added: "Back then she told us she had slept with Donald Trump but hearing that a porn star had slept with him wasn't interesting at all and we weren't shocked because it was expected information.

"Years later it became very relevant information and I wondered if I should say something!"

The 'Freaks and Geeks' star also spoke about his upcoming comedy 'Long Shot' in which he stars alongside Charlize Theron as free-spirited journalist Fred Flarsky who embarks on a relationship with highly influential politician Charlotte Field.

Seth explained his inspiration for the character of the president - played by Bob Odenkirk - who was a successful TV actor before running for office came from former 'Apprentice' star Trump, and admitted that at first he felt the premise was "crazy".

He said: "We thought hard about what he could be, and we had the idea that he would be an actor that played the president on a successful TV show and then became the president of the United States.

"We thought it was kind of crazy and then, the exact same thing happened recently in Ukraine. Just when you think you've outdone reality, reality comes up with something crazier than you could ever think of!"