Sam Worthington relished tough scenes in Avatar: The Way of Water

Sam Worthington relished tough scenes in Avatar: The Way of Water

Sam Worthington embraced the underwater scenes in the 'Avatar' sequel.

The 46-year-old star reprises his role as Jake Sully in the hotly-anticipated 'Avatar: The Way of Water' and had no qualms about being asked to go underwater in the making of James Cameron's blockbuster.

Asked about his approach at the movie's world premiere in London on Tuesday (06.12.22), Sam said: "Just do it. It's kind of weird. Jake Sully has always been like, 'Dive in and figure it out', and I think Sam's a bit like that too.

"When Jim told me we were gonna do it, I was like 'Well we're doing scenes that most actors struggle with on dry land. We just happen to put emotional scenes 30 feet deep in a pool with no oxygen, so try that.'"

Sam is grateful that his work on the 'Avatar' franchise has enabled him to acquire different skills and explained that he would do "anything" for Cameron.

The 'Clash of the Titans' star said: "That's the great thing about being an actor you get this skill set that you wouldn't normally do. But Jim is a trailblazer and I am his soldier, I'd do anything for that guy."

The flick has been released 13 years after the original 'Avatar' movie and Sam hopes it is worth the wait for fans.

He said: "It feels fantastic. It's been a while but we didn't make the movie, it's a labour of love when you do something for this long with your close friends.

"We'll see, hopefully we've told a story that isn't just a carbon copy of the first film. We tried to expand the world and expand the characters and the emotions and we just hope it connects."