Ryan Reynolds compares The Adam Project to E.T.

Ryan Reynolds compares The Adam Project to E.T.

Ryan Reynolds has likened 'The Adam Project' to 'E.T'.

The 45-year-old actor stars in the upcoming film as Adam Reed, a man who uses time travel to reunite with a younger version of himself in order to confront his late father and solve a mystery, and suggests that it has been inspired by classic 1980s movies such as 'E.T.' and 'Back to the Future'.

Speaking at a screening of the Netflix movie on Tuesday (15.02.22), Ryan told Variety: "It felt like one of those big wish fulfilment movies with huge stakes and high concept, but it was really about something very personal as well, which is sort of what I loved about movies in the 80s – what I loved about 'E.T' and 'Back to the Future', and anything that (Steven Spielberg's) Amblin did.

"It just felt like it sort of harkened back to the kind of filmmaking and in the period we live in right now, it felt timely."

The movie sees a reunion between Ryan and director Shawn Levy after they collaborated on the hit film 'Free Guy' and he explained how the pair wanted to tell another new story.

The 'Red Notice' star said: "That was a totally original idea that worked theatrically. For us that felt incredible. And we love IP, and we love superhero movies. We love all that stuff. But this was a special experience, and we really wanted to keep that train marching along."

Rumours have suggested that Ryan's Deadpool appears in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' but the star dismissed the speculation.

He said: "I'm really not in the movie. I'm promising, I'm not in the movie."

Reynolds added that a third 'Deadpool' film is progressing.

He stated: "It's coming along."