Robert Pattinson feared losing out on Batman role

Robert Pattinson feared losing out on Batman role

Robert Pattinson was worried about losing out on the role of Batman before he'd even got it.

The 33-year-old English actor will play the iconic superhero in 'The Batman', but was annoyed about speculation linking him to the part before anything had been confirmed and was worried it would cost him the chance to play the Caped Crusader.

Speaking to Time Out magazine, he said: "I hadn't even done the audition. It's just nerve-wracking because I was really excited about it and you think: really, is this how I'm going to lose this role? It's the most annoying circumstances to lose something."

Pattinson admits he was nervous about being asked about the part of The Dark Knight before director Matt Reeves had confirmed his casting in case he said the wrong thing.

Recalling being asked about the Batman reports when he was first promoting his latest film 'The Lighthouse', he said: "Everyone was like: 'Is that true, is that true?' And it wasn't true at the time, I hadn't got the job. It was pretty terrifying."

The 'Twilight' star also apologized for riling Batman fans, after he previously said the character isn't really a hero because he doesn't have any actual superpowers.

Pattinson said: "I wasn't educated about the subject. People got very angry about it. It's bizarre. I still can't understand the argument. "OK, he's a superhero, I'm sorry! The next headline, 'Pattinson retracts: Batman is, in fact, a superhero. He takes it back.' "

The 'Twilight Saga' star is aware that his casting as Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alter ego has divided opinion but he hopes that people will reserve judgement until after they have seen him behind the wheel of the Batmobile.

He said: "I'm only worried about if people like it when it's done. Right now, people can think what they want."

This week, Reeves confirmed that shooting on the DC Comics film was underway, posting a photo of a clapperboard on Twitter along with the caption: ""#DayOne #TheBatman".

'The Batman' also stars Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Colin Farrell as Penguin, Paul Dano as the Riddler and Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth.