Paul Verhoeven wants more sex in James Bond films

Paul Verhoeven wants more sex in James Bond films

Paul Verhoeven thinks James Bond needs more sex on screen.

The filmmaker - known for his work on movies like 'Basic Instinct' and 'Showgirls' - has hit out at modern day blockbusters for shunning racy scenes in favour of "crashing and blowing up".

He said: "It’s about crashing and blowing up. Sometimes these movies are fun, but the narrative tells you nothing about us now.

"I don’t see any other thought in Marvel or Bond movies.”

The 83-year-old director insisted if he took charge of a 007 blockbuster, he would make some big changes after seeing 'No Time To Die'.

Although he enjoyed Daniel Craig's Bond debut in 'Casino Royale' - which saw him share intimate moments with Eva Green's character Vesper Lynd - he wasn't impressed with his final outing.

Speaking to the Sunday Times newspaper, he argued: "There was always sex in Bond! They did not show a breast, or whatever. But they had some sex.”

However, last year Lea Seydoux - who reprised her 'Spectre' role as Madeleine Swann in 'No Time To Die' - hailed Craig as a "feminist" who helped grow the Bond franchise.

She explained: "I think that Daniel really changed his character, he made him more human in a way, more complex.

"I think that Daniel is also someone who's a feminist and it's really something that he brought to the franchise. He wanted to have more complex characters."

She noted that the female roles in the movie aren't there to "please [Bond's] sexuality", and instead have a deeper impact on the story being told on screen.

She added: "We're not here only to please his sexuality and not seen only through a male perspective, but real women that are strong but also vulnerable.

"That was something, I think, that was needed in a way."