Owen Wilson did not try and mimic Bob Ross in Paint

Owen Wilson did not try and mimic Bob Ross in Paint

Owen Wilson did not set out to emulate Bob Ross in 'Paint'.

The 54-year-old actor stars in the comedy film as an artist called Carl Nargle but did not plan to match the late painter's serene style, even though he does sport 'The Joy of Painting' host's afro hairstyle in the movie.

Owen told Variety: "I'm not good at doing imitations, and so that was never really a possibility. But certainly that quality that he had when you watched the show – and why people still do – is like a little spa treatment or something. You come out like, 'Oh, I feel relaxed and I feel better.'"

Wilson's character is the presenter of Vermont's most popular painting show until he is usurped by a younger, better artist and the star got to enjoy flipping the script on the tranquil image of art.

The 'Marry Me' star said: "Hopefully what people will appreciate and enjoy is the same thing that I did when I first read the script, and that was just how funny it is, and the idea of somebody who has not felt the need to change with the times, because everything's going so perfect in his life.

"We can all sort of get comfortable and complacent if things are going your way, and then all of a sudden, when things aren't, that can be an upsetting thing. And so the way that (Carl) deals with that and processes that is funny, but it's also kind of moving."

Wilson revealed that he is enjoying the way his career has evolved and is looking forward to returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) TV series 'Loki' as Mobius M. Mobius.

He explained: "I really loved working with Tom Hiddleston. I always felt really comfortable coming up with stuff with him and how hard he worked, so I just enjoyed getting back doing stuff with Loki and my character Mobius. I really liked playing that character."