Nicole Kidman wants a new Paddington movie with Hugh Grant

Nicole Kidman wants a new Paddington movie with Hugh Grant

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant want to team up for a new ‘Paddington’ movie.

The 53-year-old actress portrayed antagonist Millicent Clyde in the 2014 movie about the bear, while her ‘Undoing’ co-star was the villain Phoenix Buchanan in the sequel so they’d love to see their characters team up and take down the loveable hero in a final instalment.

Nicole laughed: “Were gonna have our own film as the two villains. That would be kind of entertaining. We'd get the bear. The bear wouldn't survive!

“That would not do well ... the film would flop."

Nicole was previously considered for a role in ‘Love, Actually’ where she would have starred alongside Hugh, but it was another of her friend’s films she was keen to co-star with him in.

She revealed: “I really wanted the role that Julia Roberts played in 'Notting Hill' but I wasn't well known enough - and I wasn't talented enough! So finally our paths aligned."

Not only does Nicole star in ‘The Undoing’, but she also produced the six-part series and sang the theme tune, and she admitted she found working on the show exhausting.

She told Closer magazine: "I finished the thing shattered actually.

"I did find it really long and taxing emotionally.

"IT took five months to shoot this thing and we shot the whole thing out of sequence. I found that really hard."