Naomi Scott wanted to be a musician

Naomi Scott wanted to be a musician

Naomi Scott never considered becoming an actress.

The 'Charlie's Angels' and 'Aladdin' actress admitted music was always her first love and she only started acting when she landed a role in 'Terra Nova' in 2011.

She said: "I started out in music. I started out writing in these kind of writing camps and it was only when I got 'Terra Nova', which was this Fox show that I really kind of had to make a decision in terms of what I was gonna pursue in that moment, because it was always music first to be really honest with you."

However, Naomi was thrilled when she landed the role of Princess Jasmine in Disney's 2019 musical live-action fantasy film 'Aladdin' as she got to combine her love of acting and singing.

And Naomi, 29, even got to sing a new song 'Speechless' in the film.

She said: "You know, some people like new things, some people don’t. Some people are kind of like, ‘No, just stick to how it is.’ You’re never gonna please everyone, but at the very least, I loved the song, I loved the meaning behind the song, I loved the moment that it came in the movie, I loved the fact that away from the movie it felt somewhat modern.”

Naomi also insisted that there are many ways into the acting industry and she is happy to see more diversity on screen.

She said: “Now more than ever, there is so much appetite for specificity. Not just specificity in terms of the content that we watch, but specificity in terms of journey of how you got there as a writer, actor, director. There’s no one way. Yours can be unique and lean into your uniqueness. But I have to tell myself that!”