Michael B. Jordan wants to establish 'platform' with acting roles

Michael B. Jordan wants to establish 'platform' with acting roles

Michael B. Jordan feels that taking roles not specifically written for black actors gives him a "platform".

The 34-year-old star revealed that he is prepared to star in projects that may not have been tailored to him, such as 'Fahrenheit 451' or the upcoming 'The Thomas Crown Affair' remake, as it gives him a greater presence on screen.

Michael said: "You take these roles that aren't written specifically for (you) because they have a platform, and you inject yourself and your experience into the character. That's the Trojan horse."

The 'Creed' star believes that a focus on increasing diversity within the film industry has made it easier for black actors to step into other roles.

Speaking to the new issue of Men's Health UK magazine (Menshealth.com/uk/), he said: "Until this past year or so, that was a lot harder to do. We're in this moment in time where I think, now more than ever, places are looking for that, because if not, there are ramifications (and) criticism."

Jordan revealed that he has turned down the chance to play black historical figures as he wants to open doors for other performers.

He explained: "I've passed on a lot, because I can't play every black historical figure. There are other amazing, talented actors out there ... One of the reasons why (I started) the production company (Outlier Society) was to be able to open the doors for other people who haven't had those shots, who maybe couldn't see the pathway or the move to make in order to carve out their piece."

Michael also explained that it is sometimes necessary to take on roles that enhance his profiles as he has to play "chess" within the film industry.

The 'Black Panther' actor said: "I've been playing chess in this industry for a long time, and people often don't understand what that really means.

"You're in a profession where, sometimes, your success and your popularity go hand in hand. When you've got to do things that are unpopular, you've got to move with your intuition, your gut and what you know is right for the long run – even though people may not understand it."

Read the full Michael B. Jordan interview in the May issue of Men's Health UK, on sale from 21st April.