Mark Hamill says it isn't his job to enjoy the new Star Wars films

Mark Hamill says it isn't his job to enjoy the new Star Wars films

Mark Hamill says it wasn't his "job" to enjoy the 'Star Wars' sequel trilogy.

The 67-year-old actor reprised his role as Luke Skywalker in both 'The Force Awakens' - albeit as a cameo at the end of the movie - and 'The Last Jedi', and has had been outspoken in the past with his criticisms of the latest additions to the space saga.

Speaking to Den of Geek, he explained: "I was once describing Star Wars fans, and I said, they're passionate, they're opinionated, and they feel a sense of ownership, because they've invested so much time in these characters and these stories, and I realized I was describing myself.

"It can get you into trouble, because I don't control the storylines. I'm sort of like a musician. I read the music, and I try to play it to the best of my ability. That doesn't necessarily mean I like the tune, but that's not my job."

It seems Hamill - who saw his iconic character killed off in 'Episode VIII' but is set to return for the final film in the trilogy - still has some big issues with the direction of the franchise, and he even suggested the current movies are killing its legacy.

He added: "They had me walking by 3PO, not even acknowledging him. I said: 'I can't do that!' He ('The Last Jedi' director, Rian Johnson) said, 'Okay, go over and do whatever.'

"So I went over, and I did whatever. They say it in the script: 'Forget the past, kill it if you have to', and they're doing a pretty good job!"