Margot Robbie bonded with John David Washington on Amsterdam set

Margot Robbie bonded with John David Washington on Amsterdam set

Margot Robbie forged a close bond with John David Washington on the set of 'Amsterdam'.

The pair are part of the all-star cast for David O. Russell's film and revealed that they struck up a close relationship as it was the first time they had worked under the 'American Hustle' filmmaker.

Margot, 32, told The Hollywood Reporter at the movie's premiere: "We immediately kind of clung to each other, like, 'OK, are you scared? Because I'm scared. Ah! What do we do?

"Then, you dive in headfirst and you have the time of your life, and Christian (Bale's) going like, 'Don't worry. It's always like this. You never know what's going to happen when you go to work that day', and you really don't, and that is thrilling."

Margot explained that it was straightforward finding chemistry with her co-stars on the "exciting creative experience".

The 'Suicide Squad' star said at the event in New York City: "Whenever you have a really fulfilling and interesting and exciting creative experience, you do come out bonded anyway, like anyone would.

"So, (the chemistry) wasn't something we really needed to work at. It was pretty easy."

John hailed the "professionalism" of both Margot and Christian at the premiere and said it made working on the film particularly enjoyable.

The 'Tenet' actor said: "Their professionalism, their humility and their craving; their hankering for telling the truth and getting to the source of what all the actions are, what motivates the actions, as an actor, made it easy to just get in line, blend in and have the chemistry."

Washington added: "Our bedrock of humility was that foundation, and I think that's what made it seamless as far as chemistry was concerned."