Live action PAC MAN movie in development

Live action PAC MAN movie in development

A live action 'PAC-MAN' movie is in development.

The iconic arcade game - which is set in mazes where the titular character goes round eating pellets while avoiding the pursuit of colourful ghosts - is coming to the big screen as the latest feature film video game adaptation.

Bandai Namco Entertainment - the studio behind 'PAC-MAN' is teaming up with Justin Baldoni and Steve Sarowitz's production company Wayfarer Studios on the project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will be based on an original idea from Lightbeam Entertainment's Chuck Williams ('Sonic The Hedgehog').

Details are scarce at this stage, with no hint of a story or casting yet, while a planned release date is also unclear.

The movie comes after the huge success of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' back in 2020, as well as its sequel earlier this year, and director Jeff Fowler admitted work is yet to really begin on the third movie 'Shadow the Hedgehog'.

Earlier this year, he said: "Absolutely nothing [is planned]. I'm afraid that's as far as we've gotten, is that scene. We were just focused, obviously, on getting movie two done, and looking great. And then, fingers crossed, the rest will come together."

However, Fowler did go on to explain that the appeal of the movie series - which was released almost 30 years after Sega first launched their flagship 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series back in 1991 lies in the fact that the title character is such a "likeable" guy.

He said: "He's just such a likeable little guy. He's so optimistic and fun and energetic, but he's also very loyal to his friends. He believes in family. He's got a huge heart.

"I mean, there's so many likable traits that are only magnified by what Ben [Schwartz] brings to the character and his performance. There's so much positivity.

"He's just brimming with joy, and I feel like that makes for such a great character."