Kiefer Sutherland joined The Contractor to work with Chris Pine

Kiefer Sutherland joined The Contractor to work with Chris Pine

Kiefer Sutherland signed up for 'The Contractor' because he wanted to work with Chris Pine.

The 55-year-old actor stars in the new action movie and explained that the opportunity to collaborate with the 'Star Trek' actor and Ben Foster on the movie was a big part of the appeal.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Kiefer said: "I loved the script. And I was grateful that I did because I really wanted to work with Chris Pine and Ben Foster. Their work in 'Hell Or High Water' was extraordinary and I just think they have an extraordinary chemistry.

"I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them, just to tell them I think they're both really good."

The '24' star portrays private contractor Rusty Jennings in the movie and explained that he was able to show off his tattoos in the role as a military veteran.

Kiefer said: "They're mine. A couple of them really made sense. I have a Mickey Mouse... I had a friend who was raised in East Germany and he had got this tattoo but Mickey was holding a Kalashnikov. I was born in England so I got Mickey Mouse holding a Tommy gun.

"And I found it uniquely appropriate for this film and so I tried to get them to highlight it. I don't know if they did but, yeah, the tattoos are mine."

'The Contractor' is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Kiefer believes that streaming is the future for the film industry.

He said: "It's all an evolution and there's nothing you can do about it. I definitely do not want to be the Muppet on the balcony going, 'Oh, it was so much better in the old days!' I don't want to be that guy, though sometimes I really feel like that guy.

"But the truth is, it's all in evolution. And what is really exciting for actors is that content is king, right? So they can't make enough film and television to supply the demand with the streaming services.

"So it is exciting in the sense that a lot of actors will work and that there are more opportunities."