Kathryn Newton: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is an 'allegory for life'

Kathryn Newton: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is an 'allegory for life'

Kathryn Newton believes that 'The Map of Tiny Perfect Things' is an "allegory for life".

The 24-year-old actress stars in the movie as Margaret who is trapped reliving the same day with fellow teenager Mark (Kyle Allen) and feels that is particularly apt for young people living amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Quizzed on the appeal of time loop stories, Kathryn said: "I think it's an allegory just for life, all the time. The whole world is kind of in a time loop.

"But even before that, especially when you're young and this teenage wasteland, every day, feels the same and it feels like your future's never gonna come, and all you wanna do is grow up, you forget that the future is gonna be so bright."

She continued: "When you're young, you just care about graduating or you care about prom, and then you get these things and you accomplish these small goals, and you're like, 'Now what?'

"So, I think that everyone can relate to that feeling, especially when you're young. There's something to be said about high school movies, in general. We've all been through that experience, so I think that there's just something everyone can relate to in this movie."

Kathryn also credited her co-star Kyle for making the characters a successful duo on screen.

She told the website Collider: "We had scenes that were long, one-shot scenes and reading the script, I felt like I would be able to be literally carried by Kyle. I needed a teammate in that way that was gonna be able to harmonise with me. I was nobody else. Kyle made that happen."