Julianne Moore hates using guns on the big screen

Julianne Moore hates using guns on the big screen

Julianne Moore hates using guns in her films.

The 62-year-old actress is an passionate campaigner for gun control in the United States and has revealed that she has not used a firearm on a movie for 15 years as she is not comfortable with it.

Asked if the lack of guns is a conscious decision, Julianne told The Sunday Times newspaper: "Yes. It’s not something I feel drawn to at all. I don’t find it appealing."

Gun use on film sets has been in the headlines after Alec Baldwin discharged a weapon that killed the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie 'Rust' in 2021 but Julianne does not believe that the blame for the firearms death toll in the United States can be placed at Hollywood's door.

The 'Boogie Nights' actress said: "It’s really important when you talk about gun safety and people blame entertainment to realise that the entire world consumes the same entertainment as the US, but the US has easy access to weapons. So I am not a big fan of violent movies, but I also don’t blame gun violence on entertainment."

Julianne's latest movie is the psychological thriller 'Sharper' and she revealed that she is drawn to pictures where she gets to portray realistic characters.

She explained: “I’m attracted to people’s behaviour. It is compelling, complicated."

Older women are now able to take on tougher roles on the big screen and Moore reflected on the shift that has taken place over the course of her career.

The Oscar-winning star said: "Well, we’re all the heroes of our own story, right?

“Wherever you are in life, seven or seventy, you’re the hero, not the sidekick.”