Jennifer Lopez starring in Unstoppable

Jennifer Lopez starring in Unstoppable

Jennifer Lopez has been cast in 'Unstoppable'.

The 53-year-old star is set to feature in the new sports drama that will be produced by her husband Ben Affleck.

The movie will tell the true story of Anthony Robles, a three-time All-American athlete born with one leg who won a national championship at Arizona State University.

Ben's production company Artists Equity, which he co-founded with close friend Matt Damon, will produce 'Unstoppable'. William Goldberg – who has edited a number of movies for Affleck – is set to make his debut as a director on the film.

Additional casting for the project is yet to be announced.

'Unstoppable' is the first collaboration between Jennifer and Ben following their wedding last year but she has made an impact on his movie 'Air' – which chronicles Nike's relationship with basketball icon Michael Jordan.

'The Tender Bar' star told The Hollywood Reporter: "I started writing and working with Matt, and Jen gave me some great lines too.

"Oh my God, she's brilliant. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the way fashion evolves through the culture as a confluence of music, sports, entertainment and dance.

"She helped me in talking about the way in which a part of the reason why Jordans (the shoes) were so meaningful is because culture and style in America is 90 per cent driven by black culture. Black culture has historically pioneered music, dance, fashion, and it's then been stolen, appropriated, remarketed as Elvis or whatever."

Affleck continued: "And in this case, (Nike) a white-run corporate entity, was starting to do business with African-American athletes in an identity affiliation sales thing.

"They were really taking value from what Michael Jordan represents and who he is. I don't think the meaning can be overstated. They're going to switch from, 'Hey, guys, we are a nice shoe,' to 'If Mike has it, you want it.'"