Jason Blum wants to make Frankenstein film

Jason Blum wants to make Frankenstein film

Jason Blum wants to make a Frankenstein film.

The movie producer has recently worked on a reimagining of 'The Invisible Man', starring Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and he now wants to turn his attention to Mary Shelley's iconic monster.

Jason told 'The Evolution of Horror' podcast: "I'd love to do Frankenstein. I've tasked our filmmakers with trying to figure out just straight Frankenstein.

"Again, I don't know if someone else is doing it, I don't know anything about it, but I would love to try and I'm waiting for the great idea. 'The Invisible Man', I agree, the best ideas feel like, 'My gosh, it's so obvious, why didn't that happen before?'

"If we could come up with something as good for Frankenstein, I'd love to try that."

A Frankenstein film had previously been planned by Universal Pictures as part of it's 'Dark Universe' of monster movie reboots, starring Javier Bardem as the titular character. However, the planned reboots were scrapped after the reboot of 'The Mummy' was a critical flop.

The 51-year-old producer revealed earlier this year that he had been in talks with Universal about more monster reboots.

Jason said: "I've had some version of this conversation. Not a serious one.

"I would say to Universal, 'What monsters are available that I could play around with?' I would send those things to our seven favourite filmmakers. But I'm not going to talk to Universal until 'The Invisible Man' comes out."