Jasmin Savoy Brown teases 'brutal' Scream VI

Jasmin Savoy Brown teases 'brutal' Scream VI

Jasmin Savoy Brown has described 'Scream VI' as more "brutal" than its predecessors.

The 28-year-old actress stars as Mindy Meeks-Martin in the new slasher flick and believes that the New York City setting adds to the terror generated by the killer Ghostface.

Jasmin told The Hollywood Reporter at the film's New York premiere on Monday (06.03.23): "I'm so excited to be back. We didn't get to have a premiere for the last one ('Scream') so this is kind of like a big party; you'll notice all the actors from the previous film are here, the ones that were killed off, so it's nice to reunite.

"This 'Scream' is different because it's bigger, bloodier; Ghostface is more brutal here in New York City, it gives us an opportunity to play with the dense population.

"Ghostface could be anybody, anywhere in a way that just isn't the same in a small town like Woodsboro."

Jasmin's co-star Mason Gooding emphasised the point and thinks that the Big Apple will add to the scares for fans.

He explained: "You take a horror movie and you set it in a major metropolitan area, you have a bunch of people trying to mind their own business – you don't necessarily know if you'll get the help that you look for, and that to me is terrifying."

The new movie is the first in the franchise that doesn't feature Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott – after she was unhappy with the financial offer she received to star in the film – but executive producer Kevin Williamson was pleased with the way the cast and crew "pivoted" in her absence.

He said: "What's so great is we had so many other great characters and the movie was always meant to be about this sisterhood of Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega's characters.

"That is what the heart and soul and through line of this particular franchise so it didn't really disturb that, but I can only say I miss (Campbell's character) Sidney and maybe one day she'll come back."