Janelle Monae in talks for Knives Out sequel

Janelle Monae in talks for Knives Out sequel

Janelle Monae is set to star in the 'Knives Out' sequel.

The 35-year-old singer-and-actress is said to have been in talks about appearing in the forthcoming film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Daniel Craig is to reprise his role as detective Benoit Blanc in the movie, which Rian Johnson will write, direct, and produce.

Plot details for the upcoming film are being kept under wraps, but it will centre around Blanc solving another crime, and production on the motion picture is expected to start in Greece this summer.

Earlier this week, it was revealed Dave Bautista had signed up for the sequel.

Netflix had no comment on the castings.

The first movie's plot centred on the detective, who was sent to investigate the murder of a renowned crime novelist, and the film featured an all-star ensemble cast made up of the likes of Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette and Ana de Armas.

The film grossed more than $311 million worldwide, after being made on a production budget of around $40 million.

It was recently reported Netflix has forked out $400 million for the next two 'Knives Out' movies.

And while the sequel's plot is expected to focus on Blanc again, Lee Curtis will not appear in the movie.

She recently revealed her character Lynda Drysdale, the daughter of wealthy mystery writer Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), and her extended family won't be part of the follow-up film.

She wrote on Instagram: "To clear up any rumors, the Thromby family is in family counseling and the therapist suggested they stay away from Benoit Blanc in the future. Linda was fine as she kicked her loafer wearing p**** of a husband, sorry @donjohnson to the curb. The rest of them are hustling. Ransom is apparently in the knitting sweater business, a new skill he picked up in the slammer. Joni has some vaginal scented bath bomb, Walt is self publishing his memoir. NONE of us will be joining Mr. Blanc in Greece. As the family spokesperson we wish the filmmakers all our best in their new venture (sic)."