Jamie Lee Curtis: I felt isolated on the set of Knives Out

Jamie Lee Curtis: I felt isolated on the set of Knives Out

Jamie Lee Curtis felt "quite isolated" on the set of 'Knives Out'.

The 63-year-old actress starred in Rian Johnson's hit whodunnit as Linda Drysdale-Thrombey but admits that she didn't enjoy the filming process for the 2019 movie.

Jamie told Entertainment Weekly: "I was actually quite isolated. I was living in this weird hotel by myself, and a lot of the movie, I'm not in. I was alone for a lot and it was a very tough time."

The movie – which also featured Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans – proved popular and Jamie had "no idea" that it would be such a success, with the sequel 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' slated for release on Netflix in December.

The 'Halloween' actress said: "It turned out to be this fantastic movie. I would never have known that the movie we were making was the movie that we made.

"It wasn't evident to me, because Rian was so specific in his methodology, and it's not like we're all watching monitors and seeing all the work. We had no idea. We'd just do our little thing and then go home. It was just such a delightful surprise."

Despite her isolation on set, Jamie explained that starring in 'Knives Out' gave her a new level of celebrity.

She said: "I remember when they wanted me to go to CinemaCon with 'Knives Out', I was like, they want me to go to CinemaCon? They don't want all those other people to go to CinemaCon?

"Because I really felt like I was this tiny, tiny, delicious but tiny little part of the puzzle. It just was so fun to actually become its head cheerleader. I'm a bit of a weapon of mass promotion and I got behind that one in a big way, because it was so fun and great and people loved it."