James Mangold wants Indiana Jones fans to be patient ahead of new film

James Mangold wants Indiana Jones fans to be patient ahead of new film

James Mangold has urged fans to be patient as he works on the new 'Indiana Jones' film.

The 58-year-old filmmaker has taken over from Steven Spielberg as director in the fifth installment of the action-adventure series and has encouraged fans to bide their time as he begins work on editing the movie.

In a Twitter post on Monday (07.03.22), James explained: "Although I've been cutting while shooting, I officially start editing INDY today!

"To all those asking about trailers and teasers, still drops and first looks and other peeks or sneaks, this is the right place to look for info, but just a bit too soon. Be well and be patient!"

The flick will see Harrison Ford return as the titular hero and will also feature stars such as Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen and Antonio Banderas.

Ford, 79, is believed to have undertaken a gruelling exercise regime for the blockbuster by walking and cycling up to 40 miles a day and eating energy bars to keep himself in shape.

A source said: "It’s incredible. He seems to live a very strict routine. You can set your watch by the things he does at the same time every day.

"It’s clockwork, very regimented. It’s wake up, lunch, a very long bike ride, then he’s at the film set from 6pm.

"He then arrives back at the hotel around 5am. That exercise and work regime would be punishment for a man half his age. It’s real dedication."

However, Harrison was forced out of action for three months after sustaining a shoulder injury in a choreographed fight scene during filming at Pinewood Studios last June.

An insider said: "He was filming an action scene on a train at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire when he felt it go.

"He aggravated an old injury, but it's bad enough for him to require surgery to put it right."