James Mangold to direct Buster Keaton biopic

James Mangold to direct Buster Keaton biopic

James Mangold is to direct a Buster Keaton biopic.

The 58-year-old filmmaker is developing a project about the life of the actor and comedian with 20th Century Studios.

According to Deadline, James will direct and produce the movie – which is based on the book 'Buster Keaton: Cut to the Chase' by Marion Meade.

Keaton is an icon of American cinema and was a pioneer in the age of silent movies. He is still considered to be one of the great physical comedians in movie history and had famous roles in films such as 'Sherlock Jr.' and 'The General'.

James' previous movie credits include 'Logan', 'Ford v Ferrari' and the Oscar-winning Johnny Cash biopic 'Walk the Line'.

The filmmaker is also working on the upcoming 'Indiana Jones 5', where he was tapped by Disney to take over from the legendary Steven Spielberg as director.

The new movie is slated for release next year and sees Harrison Ford reprise his role as Indiana Jones.

Mads Mikkelsen will also star in the action-adventure film in an undisclosed role and was delighted after reading the script, which has been written by James along with Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth.

The 56-year-old star said: "I'm very, very excited about it ... I re-watched 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' the other day, it is so well-done and so charming, and it's such great storytelling.

"So yes it's a great honour to be part of that franchise that I grew up with ... I'm in a lucky position where they let me read the script before. And yes, it was everything I wished it to be, so that was just great."