Jack Whitehall fears Hollywood cancellation

Jack Whitehall fears Hollywood cancellation

Jack Whitehall fears being cancelled in Hollywood.

The 33-year-old comedian has forged a successful movie career with roles in films including 'Jungle Cruise' and 'Clifford the Big Red Dog' but he admitted his fears that his old stand-up jokes could come back to haunt him.

Speaking on the 'Irishman Abroad' podcast, Jack said: "I feel like I’ve definitely said jokes in the past that would be worthy of cancellation. I guess it’s how you weather that storm if it does ever come up.

"I’ve had it, sort of, occur a few times and I think, maybe, people are a little better now. We’ve had a few of these ridiculous cancellations of people because of historic jokes that — especially with a comedian because it was told in jest and the context of it was only ever intended as a joke — that you do tend to get away with it a little bit more.

"More so than you might with a tweet or a comment in an interview."

Although Jack has been concentrating on his movie career over the past few years, he hopes to make a return to stand-up.

He said: "With stand-up it’s important to try and do that, especially if your life is dominated by work and you’re spending your time in quite surreal situations.

"It’s important for me to go away and live my life and come back to it when I’ve got more stuff to talk about. I need to try and find something else that’s going to be interesting and different and a subject matter I can write something and it will feel funny and fresh."