'I didn't want to kiss a randomer!' How Priyanka Chopra ended up kissing husband Nick in Love Again

'I didn't want to kiss a randomer!' How Priyanka Chopra ended up kissing husband Nick in Love Again

Priyanka Chopra Jonas didn't want to do a "sloppy kissing scene" with a random person on the set of 'Love Again.'

The 40-year-old actress stars as a woman struggling to cope with the death of her fiancé who finds love again with a journalist played by Sam Heughan but was left feeling uncomfortable when the script called for her to kiss another character because it was shot when social distancing was encouraged at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and ended up roping real-life husband Nick Jonas in to film the cameo role.

Priyanka - who also stars alongside superstar Celine Dion in the movie - told Parade magazine: "We totally [hit if off]. He's such a fun and funny guy, and he's nice. For someone who's a Sam fan, they'd be re- ally excited to know that he doesn't just play a good guy in this movie, he's a really, really good guy, a complete gentleman and super thoughtful as a co-actor as well.

It was a trying time for all of us as actors coming onto this movie but we all had each other and that was really cool. We could hang out. Sam, me, Sofia [Barclay], and the rest of the cast, we used to all hang out together, grab meals, because we just had each other. It was just very great to be able to have people that you could depend on and get along with. person.

"But the director and I were talking at dinner about, 'Oh, my gosh, there's a slow, sloppy kiss written into the scene.' And I was saying, 'Ugh." During COVID, kissing a random person sounded very aggressive. And he was like, 'What if we ask Nick since he's here anyway?'"

The 'Citadel' actress - who has been married to former Disney Channel star Nick since 2018 and has 16-month-old daughter Malti with him - went on to add that her husband had accompanied her to the London-based shoot of 'Love Again' anyway and ended up having the "funniest day" on set with him and the rest of the team.

She said: "Nick had traveled to London because it was one of the first times I was traveling during COVID and he wanted to make sure to get me settled in. So, he just happened to be there. We asked him and he was an amazing sport about it. He did the scene, and it was the funniest day on set. I cannot even begin to tell you; it was just a giggle fest. Everyone was just laughing. He was doing something which is the opposite of who we are, so it was just hilarious. I'm really glad Nick came to drop me off in London."

'Love Again' is in cinemas from May 9.