Henry Golding spent HOW LONG learning sword skills for Snake Eyes

Henry Golding spent HOW LONG learning sword skills for Snake Eyes

Henry Golding spent four hours a day learning swordplay for his role in 'Snake Eyes'.

The 34-year-old actor will lead the cast of the 'G.I. Joe' spin-off movie and admits that it was the most challenging part of playing the fighter, especially as scenes could quickly change depending on the conditions on set.

Asked how much work he put into his sword skills, Henry said: "Yeah, we were four hours a day, with the stunt team, all in the build-up to getting us on set, ready and prepared.

"Things change, as you know, when we get on set. Environments really dictate how much we're able to do from what we've learned in the studio in comparison to being on the edge of a car carrier, or standing on top of the building, in a rain sequence.

"So you have to be at a stage and capability of being able to change up on-the-go as quickly as possible and learn new choreography within five minutes. And thankfully, all of that two months of pre-training got us to that stage."

Henry suggested that there is "so much more" to explore with 'Snake Eyes' but wants to see how the movie is received before thinking about the future.

He told ComicBook.com: "After this movie, we find ourselves yearning and wanting more. We want to see how this story unfolds.

"So all I can say is that I want to see this story to the end, and I don't think it will even end at that point, because there's just so much more that we can explore."

The 'Crazy Rich Asians' star continued: "This is one origin story. We have so many that can be told and one aspect of one little corner of the space.

"So the possibilities are endless, but I can tell you where I want this to go. We at least have three of these films to look forward, to make sure that he gets the story that he deserves."